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G Cubed Metals Ltd
77 The Shearers
Bishops Stortford
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United Kingdom

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G Cubed Metals Ltd


G Cubed Metals Ltd’s mission is to help organisations navigate their way through the sometimes arcane world of precious metals: be they experienced in the market or a newcomer seeking to transact in precious metals for the first time.

So whether the project is to determine:

Or indeed any other issues surrounding precious metals

Then G Cubed Metals will be able to handle the work.

All connected with G Cubed Metals are well aware of the need for confidentiality in all financial markets as well as the additional sensitivity that comes from transacting in precious metals. Particularly when it involves the “official sector” such as governments, central banks and sovereign wealth funds.

Although G Cubed Metals Ltd is based in England, Jonathan’s experience is global and in the course of his 30 years in the markets he has visited over 60 countries to discuss precious metals including all of the largest 30 institutions declaring official gold holdings.

This coupled with 9 years living in Asia/Pacific – 6 years in Hong Kong and 3 in Australia – mean that Jonathan is very well placed to undertake projects around the world with a proven ability to forge networks and establish close working relationships wherever the client is based*.

*NB - please note that obviously G Cubed Metals Ltd is unable to undertake work for individuals, institutions or countries that are sanctioned.